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Track Name: "so what's to lose anyways?"
you talk too much it's round in circles and everything you say is worthless not one word holds any weight and i learn nothing from the things you say we've lost our connection if we ever had one which i'm starting to doubt these days because looking back I can see that you've always been this far gone i love my friends and i love spending time with them but i don't feel the need to hide behind some fucking high you can't can't hold a drink let alone a conversation you're in you look dead you're dead behind the eyes you'll forget this week and you'll forget tonight the 40 hour week's got you letting off steam and it's obvious to me that you're not who you want to be you can't can't hold a drink let alone a conversation you're in.
Track Name: Girls With Low Self-Esteem: Vegas Style
she couldn't be more tightly wound my ballerina on her music box but she's just far far far too proud to ever let it all out and let her shoulders drop her body aches from all the tension and when she wakes up it's with clenched fists why does she always feel like this she goes to bed with her face on she cannot take it off and never wakes up as who she wants to be she's fairly certain all her friends they feel the same but she won't break and neither will they and all the articles she reads in two quid magazines they slowly chip away at her self-esteem i wish that i could make her see she doesn't need to change but all my words they get ignored as she turns another page.
Track Name: Free The Mega Games Two
an open ended apology that i'd hope you'd understand and all my flaws that i miss understood as your failings have been accepted another letter that you might not read another reason to be annoyed with me ive only ever tried to do things right now im trying to correct those i did wrong fading ground and enclosing clouds yet you never made a sound well i guess you'd know how to resolve this well i guess you'd know how to resolve this despite all previous evacuations some things were built to last we can do this i swear that we can do this